Concrete and water mix in Aldermanbury Square

There is lots of public art in Aldermanbury Square, the block designed by Eric Parry Architects.  Here is a water feature, I think …..with a channel fed by a series of these vertical ducts.  It boasts lots of concrete shuttering in Hayward Gallery style surrounding the water and filling the reception areas.

Plastic rosemary bushes and iron bars around London’s most expensive block of flats

Number 1 Hyde Park is London’s most expensive block of flats.  It defines the notion of a gated community with huge bars outside a tiny garden.  There is however, a little greenery open to the public – a series of rosemary bushes made entirely of plastic.

The most beautiful building in Oxford Street

100 Hills Place just off Oxford Street by Amanda Levete Architects.  A beautiful addition on a side street.  It is amazing to see such a beautiful building in this secretive place.  Since completing this, the same architects have won a competition for a new gallery and public space at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Why I am not allowed to take pictures of One New Change from the roof of One New Change

This is a view from the roof of One New Change, the recently-opened shopping centre next to St Paul’s.  The views from the roof are spectacular – across London to the South Bank and of St Paul’s.  As I came out of the lift the security guard stopped me and said that I could takeContinue reading “Why I am not allowed to take pictures of One New Change from the roof of One New Change”

How to bend a building to accommodate a large tree

This is a secretive spot, a building by Foster curved to accommodate a small garden and a large tree.  The external view at 100 Wood Street does not indicate the presence of the tree or the garden.  This is not a trick of the camera as the building has a huge and very satisfying curve.