Sushi and security guards on the top floor of the Heron Tower

I occasionally get stopped by a security guard when photographing on someone’s property.  Today was a first as I got questioned whilst photographing this building from across the road.  Interestingly, one of the most unusual parts of the building is the photovoltaic solar energy panels on the side of the building shown here with aContinue reading “Sushi and security guards on the top floor of the Heron Tower”

The Poultry Market Smithfield

This is the Poultry Market.  A replacement for the 1860s building destroyed by fire, it is very difficult to see the thin concrete roof properly except from the top of a nearby building.  This view is from the side of the Smithfield Cold Store near to Snow Hill.  The market  has a beautiful interior withContinue reading “The Poultry Market Smithfield”