Swimming in the newly-restored Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace Sports Centre has had a modest restoration. A strange building, the wet and dry sections meet in the entrance hall which makes the whole place feel a bit damp. And despite being cathedral-like in its scale, swimming in the fifty-metre lane is very claustrophobic. The best part is the way that the lightsContinue reading “Swimming in the newly-restored Crystal Palace”

Ken Worpole in praise of real public space

At a lecture given at the Garden Museum, writer, academic and chair of Clissold Park Users Group Ken Worpole highlighted the benefits of open space, available to all. He referenced his superb book on public space, democracy and architecture Hear Comes the Sun. I found myself in Clissold Park the next day. For me itContinue reading “Ken Worpole in praise of real public space”

Why the wine bars of Paternoster Square are running out of customers

Paternoster Square has the appearance of a ghost town. The apparently public square with its monument to the booksellers whose shops perished in the Fire of London, revealed its true colours when it served injunctions on Occupy London. The protesters moved next door to the precincts of St Paul’s and we now see what aContinue reading “Why the wine bars of Paternoster Square are running out of customers”