2. A new printmaking project in the making

This blog has focused on walking in the city, mainly London and the City of London linked to my role as a City of London guide. Over the past couple of years I have been studying as a printmaker mainly at City Lit and sometimes at East London Printmakers. My themes have remained pretty constant, the City, walking, looking at buildings and thinking about the way in which they connect. This year, my printmaking projects have looked at buildings in the City, building sites and lots of cranes (I have a particularly spectacular one next to my home).  As I sit here in the City of London, locked in, locked down, I am taking exercise each day by walking and occasionally running along the London Wall. This is the Roman Wall which can most easily be seen near the Museum of London. My route takes me along the road called London Wall (bisecting the actual London Wall) down to the Tower of London; along the Riverside on the north bank; to the Millennium Bridge and up across to St Paul’s – a walk of some 7 kilometres.  Each moment is monitored on my running app and when I get home, I discover the length of the walk, the height about sea level (not that a useful) but most importantly, it generates a route map. So I will look at the daily map, take pictures along the way and focus on the wall, where is it, where does it run, how much is Roman and ask what it does for the city and for me. Am I constrained by it in lock down or liberated by being close to a ruin that has survived about 2000 years?

To start, here are some of the previous term’s images.


Published by Paul Lincoln

Printmaker, City of London Guide and commissioning editor Landscape, the journal of the Landscape Institute.


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