6. Tracing the route of the London Wall

This is the parish church of Saint Andrew by the Wardrobe. It is opposite the point where the Roman Wall met the River Thames and effectively the place where the wall starts. My job is to find out where the wall went. This is not that simple as much was buried or built over in the C17th and C18th. The exact point is at a place called Puddle Dock which is home to a very dull office block and the once delightful Mermaid Theatre which is no longer in business.

The wall discovered in Amen Court

The route north from the church goes up in the direction of Ludgate Hill. Near the top of the hill is the first sign of the wall. This was discovered in a private cul-de-sac called Amen Court, home to St Paul’s Cathedral staff. This is hidden behind Amen Corner which is a rather fine 1960s apartment block.

Amen Court
Amen Corner

Walking in the direction of St Paul’s Cathedral leads to the discovery of the only entrance to the London Wall still in existence. This is Temple Bar, formerly located at the entrance to Fleet Street and now a gateway to Paternoster Square (and the London Stock Exchange).

Temple Bar

Published by Paul Lincoln

Printmaker, City of London Guide and commissioning editor Landscape, the journal of the Landscape Institute.


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