15. Video and stop motion

I have put together two versions of the same video. The first uses a classic Johnny Cash song I walk the line, the second uses a soundtrack of World War II bombing and gun fire. The videos bring together a number of elements, video of water; stills photography of the London Wall; and an item at the heart of this project; a compilation of Strava app maps which were generated each time I went running or walking along the route of the wall.
In addition to this, I have included some videos which were made using the same stop motion technique but making use of traditionally-made silk screen prints, in each case using a single photograph rendered in a variety of ways.

Lockdown London Wall – walking the line 2
Soundtrack: I walk the line – Johnny Cash [compilation 2013]
Lockdown London Wall – walking the line 1
Soundtrack: German bombing compilation

The challenge is to choose an approach to the physical printmaking that is appropriate to this project. Here are three examples using material generated last year.

Centrepoint silk screen images reworked

This image of Centrepoint remains unchanged apart from the colours.

Great Arthur House

In this one, the image of Great Arthur House is not only printed in a number of colours but there are a range of overlays and different ways in which the image is positioned on the page.

Shell climate emergency

This mixes versions of the same image with overlays of different sizes and densities, words and some video.

Published by Paul Lincoln

Printmaker, City of London Guide and commissioning editor Landscape, the journal of the Landscape Institute.


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