3. London Wall – where is it and what does it look like?

The road called London Wall links the Museum of London to the Tower of London. It was straightened during the 1960s in order to accommodate six identical office blocks, almost all of which have been demolished or in one case, reclad. It does not run along the Roman London Wall but comes pretty close toContinue reading “3. London Wall – where is it and what does it look like?”

2. A new printmaking project in the making

This blog has focused on walking in the city, mainly London and the City of London linked to my role as a City of London guide. Over the past couple of years I have been studying as a printmaker mainly at City Lit and sometimes at East London Printmakers. My themes have remained pretty constant,Continue reading “2. A new printmaking project in the making”

1. London Wall – a starting point for a new project

London Wall is my starting point for a new printmaking project. Running from the Tower of London to the Museum of London, the wall built to defend London by the Romans remains a terrifying reminder of the power of an imposing structure to enclose and defend. Little remains above surface and much that is visibleContinue reading “1. London Wall – a starting point for a new project”

The Power of Walking

This year’s Maggie’s Culture Crawl took place on the night of Friday 18 September. A sponsored walk in support of Maggie’s Centres which offer aesthetically inspiring places for people affected by cancer, the partnership with London Open House focusing on discovering the city on foot.  The walk this year was curated by Sandy Nairne, formerly director of theContinue reading “The Power of Walking”

How meat and water designed part of London: the drovers’ route from Islington to Smithfield, a new walk from London Open City

Last week I led a walk exploring the drovers’ route from the Royal Agricultural Hall, Islington to Smithfield Market. This took in the New River, the history of Sadler’s Wells, Spa Green and especially the impact of the movement of meat and water on the design and development of the route along St John’s Street toContinue reading “How meat and water designed part of London: the drovers’ route from Islington to Smithfield, a new walk from London Open City”

Why can’t London be like Freiburg?

Freiburg in southern Germany rightly calls itself a ‘green city’. It has demonstrated a thirty-year commitment to sustainable urban development. Born out of protests against the building of nuclear power stations and influenced by the catastrophe at Chernobyl, a green activism has led to an impressive urban achievement. This includes: a tradition of high-quality urban planning competenceContinue reading “Why can’t London be like Freiburg?”

Printing at St Bride’s Foundation

There can be few more delightful ways of spending a Saturday than in the print workshop at the St Bride’s Foundation just off Fleet Street. St Bride’s includes not only the print workshop, but also a museum of design and print; a theatre; a library (as well as a disused swimming pool). A day spent learning the letterpress printingContinue reading “Printing at St Bride’s Foundation”

New guided walks announced on South Bank and City of London landscapes

Over the summer I am leading a number of new guided tours with London Open City the architecture education charity. Here are the details: London Landscape – From St Paul’s to Leadenhall Over the centuries the unique landscape of London has been shaped by its public spaces, including its distinctive streets, squares and parks. London’sContinue reading “New guided walks announced on South Bank and City of London landscapes”

Housing for single people threatened with destruction

This is Bernard Morgan House in the City of London and on the edge of Golden  Lane Estate.  It is an interesting building not so much for its appearance (which is pleasant but not show stopping) but for what its current situation represents.  It was built as a section house, a hostel for police officersContinue reading “Housing for single people threatened with destruction”