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Cobbles, doors and new lamp posts, the details of the city in Granada

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Aquatics centre will be Olympic winner despite strange spectator wings

The Aquatics Centre will be the most arresting building on the Olympic Park. Frustratingly the finished design will not be seen until after the spectator wings are removed at the end of the year when these ungainly extensions are replaced with glass. I t is curious to commission a building to celebrate the Olympics which will not work in the way it was designed until the event for which it was built, is over.





Wind powered floodlights could be a better symbol of the Olympics than the arcelormittal orbit

The arcelormittal orbit nears completion but like its name, communicates little. This picture taken after the London Prepares diving championships also shows the rather more elegant combined floodlights and wind turbines.



A beautiful swimming pool but plastic flowers in stainless steel hanging baskets greet visitors to the Olympics

Why spend £9billion on the Olympics and then add plastic flowers in stainless steel hanging baskets on lamposts? The Aquatics Centre is stunning but what you have to look at on the way there is pretty miserable.




The campaign to save Gaby’s in the Charing Cross Road has significant support

The campaign has masses of supporters, excellent media coverage and a celebrity profile but is this enough to persuade the Marquess of Salisbury to change his mind?


Raising the roof twice at King’s Cross

Two new roofs are revealing themselves at King’s Cross Station. The engine shed nears completion with photovoltaic panels adhering the glass and the concourse and ticket office are becoming increasingly visible.