High Line, New York now open connects new art gallery and major commercial development

IMG_2396 IMG_2406 IMG_2411 IMG_2414 IMG_2424 IMG_2412 IMG_2426The third and final stage of New York’s High Line is now complete and open to the public. Running parallel to the river and linking a new home for the Whitney Museum to the Hudson’s Yard development scheme, what started as a community-led project to save a derelict raised railway line has now become the darling of all city parks. These pictures illustrate some of the detail of the extension including planting, retention and restoration of railway lines memorialising the original purpose of the structure and a set of play spaces for children. The project has now precipitated an astonishing body of new architecture but the rainbow flag attached to a pretty dilapidated building is a reminder that this was once the gay clubbing area of New York and…its founders are gay and from the neighbourhood.