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Guarding London Wall

Moor House acts as a gateway to London Wall.  It is a building by Foster and Partners that is best appreciated from the top of another building.  At street level it is a little overwhelming and the astonishing curved wall and roof are difficult to see properly.  It was built in anticipation of Crossrail arriving in the basement so it has some of the scale of Canary Wharf Jubilee Line station by the same architect.  It is part of the recent generation of buildings along London Wall that have replaced the post war set of six almost identical tower blocks lining this street.  Peter Ackroyd in his biography of London, talks of the way in which the Barbican Estate of the 1960s was built looking inwards to avoid the wastelands of the Blitz and of how the old London Wall has been replicated by the new Estate.  This comment is equally true of Moor House, it is Barbican-like in the way in which it safeguards the City but it is also pretty sensational in the way in which it swoops across the street.

A detail

Discovered at the foot of 80 Wood Street and London Wall are these two baby air vents that replicate exactly the large vents along the side of the building.