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Trademark air vents in Wood Street

This building is really fun to look at.  There are trademark air vents (to be compared with the Pompidou Centre) together with a colour scheme matching the Lloyds Register building twenty minutes walk away.  It is worth looking up into the lift shafts at night. 

Lloyds Register

This is a view from underneath one of the external lifts in the Lloyds Register Building. Like the Lloyds Insurance Building, it shares an architect – Richard Rogers.

Unlike the Lloyds Building, this is very easy to view at a close distance. The lifts make a satisfyingly clunky noise as they move up and down and the whole scene is completely melodramatic.

A detail

Discovered at the foot of 80 Wood Street and London Wall are these two baby air vents that replicate exactly the large vents along the side of the building.

Freezing outside the Lloyds Building

A freezing night but one of the most spectacular and exciting moments of the week.  Here is the Lloyds Building next to its recently-completed neighbour the Wills Building.  This is the centre of new building in the city.  Lloyds is now more than twenty-five years old and it overlooks the site of two new buildings: Leadenhall also known as the ‘cheesegrater’ and the Pinnacle, both of which are after a delay of a couple of years, now on site.