Roof garden at Golden Lane Estate opens for first time in years

Great Arthur House’s roof garden, at the heart of Golden Lane Estate opened for only the second time in twenty five years today. Although the steps are broken and the wood rotten, it remains everything a roof garden should be, an elegant place for quiet contemplation and a great place to view the capital. The first picture shows laser-cut bunting of Great Arthur House made especially for the event by Anna Parkinson, the second shows the two floors of the roof garden with pond, pergola and concrete planters waiting to be restored.



North bank becoming as pedestrian-friendly as south bank

Completion of Watermark Place and the riverside walkway has created a pedestrian-friendly walk to rival that on the South Bank. The monumental Mondial House telephone exchange building, famously modelled on a typewriter key board and clad in white fibre glass, has given way to a building set back from the river and partly clad in weathered oak reminiscent of the medieval remains still visible on the foreshore.

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Sticky backed plastic designed to look like a green wall on the way to the Olympic Park

Strange green walls have been glued to the upper levels of the Westfield Centre in Stratford. Designed to look like leaves, they appear to be good old sticky backed plastic. There is also a strange selection of potted plants on the way to the stadium?  This is a pity as the real landscape looks as if it will be great.



Paternoster Square becomes a maze of riot barriers

Elizabeth Frink’s Paternoster surveys a square composed entirely of riot barriers. In an effort to keep Paternoster Square both open and closed a maze of metal barriers has been set up so that pedestrians can walk but not have the space to pitch a tent. A particularly warped logician must have dreamed up this pattern.



Raising the roof twice at King’s Cross

Two new roofs are revealing themselves at King’s Cross Station. The engine shed nears completion with photovoltaic panels adhering the glass and the concourse and ticket office are becoming increasingly visible.